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What’s So Great About Wall Hung Split System Air Conditioners?

All across Melbourne and throughout Australia, air conditioning systems have been immensely popular for many decades. You will always see them installed in residential homes, commercial offices,apartments and many more.

So, what exactly makes wall hung split system air conditioners so amazing and what are the benefits you stand to gain from installing them on your wall?

A powerful system

Ductless split heating and air conditioning systems are typically installed in just one area of the house featuring an indoor unit which is wall-mounted.This services to blow warm or cool air throughout the room of the house.Then another ‘chamber’ will be located outside of the house to expel all unwanted air from the inside.

Cost-efficient and easy to install

Split system air conditioners are ideal for houses, apartments and offices that want to reduce their overall energy consumption. Wall mounted split system cooling and heating units are a great choice for townhouses and apartments because they will not take up any floor space.Not only are they very cost-efficient, but they are also very easy to install by qualified technicians such as King Cooling & Heating.

Great for hay fever season

People that suffer from asthma or allergies such as hay fever will benefit from installing a wall mounted split system in their home. It will reduce the amount of bacteria, allergens and dust that is floating through the air.This will purify the air and make it easier for those people to breathe during hay fever season.

Other benefits

Other than benefits such as everyone in the home being happier when living in a comfortable home that always has the right temperature, here is a brief summary of the many benefits when installing wall hung split system air conditioners:

  • They are a quiet system which doesn’t make noise.
  • They won’t take up the available floor space.
  • They have a modern design which compliments the interior décor.
  • They are easy to install and easier to maintain.
  • They save you money on energy bills as they are very cost-efficient.

Looking to get split system air conditioning units mounted in your home? If so, then turn to us at King Cooling & Heating. Operating out of the outer eastern Melbourne, we offer our professional services to the whole of Melbourne.Not only that, but our air conditioning installations and repairs come with an impressive 8-year guarantee.

Specialising in split air conditioning installation, we also provide all our services and maintenance options to newly installed and existing air conditioners as well. We have over 10 years of experience when it comes to wall AC installation in apartments, commercial offices shops, residential homes, townhouses and more. We are also qualified under the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) Plumbing Licence #105712.

When looking for an air conditioning system, make sure it is a split model from us at King Cooling and Heating. Find out more regarding our services and prices on our website or call us on 0403 522 890 to get started today! 

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