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Beat The Heat In Summers With A Split System Installation

During summers, you need reliable cooling more than anything else in your home. And when it comes to cooling devices, split ACs are ideal! They are reliable, powerful and incredibly efficient. Apart from their impressive performance as an air conditioning device, they are also very quiet. 

When thinking of investing in a split AC, the market is flooded with various brand options. Before you go for split system installation, you need to know why split AC is the best air conditioning system out there.

They offer incredible energy efficiency

AC systems with ductwork lose a lot of energy during their operation. This energy loss is often because of leaking ducts. But leaky ducts are hard to detect, at least when there is no significant dip in the AC’s performance. This causes a delay in repairs. 

Hence, ductwork issues simply mean high energy bills. If you are already sick and tired of paying a lot for your home energy consumption, then choosing a split AC is the best bet. Split ACs have a ductless design and hence, are a great choice if saving money on your energy bills is a priority for you. 

They go well with your interior décor

A unique reason why split ACs are ideal for your home is their flexible installation. You can install them anywhere in your home. Whether you want your AC on the ceiling or mounted onto the wall; you can get it done without any hassle. There are also many aesthetically pleasing models that will blend in with your home decor.

Enjoy noise-free performance

As mentioned above, split ACs don’t create much noise. This is ideal when you have a house full of people who can’t stand unpleasant sounds made by bulky and inefficient air conditioners.

Hassle-free installation

Split system installation is easier when compared to the hassle installers have to go through when putting a traditional AC in place. No ductwork is needed for split ACs. Only the connector linking the outdoor and indoor units will need a small opening. Once you create this opening, you won’t need much for installation- just a place to mount the AC, power supply, some installation tools, and you are good to go. Since you can find the refrigerant tube in different lengths, your outdoor and indoor units can be at a distance of up to 100 feet from each other.

You can have them only where you need them

You can install individual split ACs in all your rooms or only those rooms where people sleep. This helps you save money by not having to pay for any unused cooling or heating in rooms having less traffic. Centralized ACs are often disliked for this one serious flaw.

This is why a split system installation is the best choice.Next time you buy an AC, make sure it is a split model from King Cooling and Heating.To learn more about our services and prices, browse our website or call us on 0403 522 890 today! 

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